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terminal pos inteligente

terminal pos inteligente

What are the applications of handheld POS terminals?

July 30,2021.

The smart handheld POS terminal is a completely new conceptual product compared to the traditional POS machine. It is not only suitable for supermarkets, chain stores, hypermarkets, hotels, restaurants, but also for all high-level retail enterprises. For personal mobile payment terminals. Its functions are more intelligent and modern, and the functional experience is also richer. It can provide a large number of users with a useful, convenient and comfortable experience. In the design of this smart handheld POS terminal, the designer starts from the needs of users and gives it a brand-new functional concept to make it more in line with the technology of the times and people's lives.

The main domestic mobile application fields are as follows:


Typical examples include tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, and postal distribution. What are worth developing include terminal distribution and drug distribution from major daily necessities manufacturers, in-plant logistics in large factories, and transportation from warehouse to warehouse in logistics companies.

According to different systems, the logistics system uses different extended functions of the handheld terminal. The main functions used are barcode scanning, contact/non-contact IC card reading and writing, 802.11b, Bluetooth data communication, and so on.

The handheld terminal can be used for collecting and dispatching personnel's waybill data collection, transit/warehouse data collection, and by scanning the bar code of the express shipment, the waybill information is directly transmitted to the back-end server through the 3G module, and functions such as querying related business information can be realized.

Mobile transaction:

When there are more and more transactions and the counter space is no longer sufficient for rapid transactions, or the trading venue itself lacks counters, mobile transactions are the only choices, such as KFC, McDonald's, train ticket replacement, stadium ticket sales, parking factory charges, and so on.

Mobile transactions require different functions according to different occasions. The various extended functions described in the first section may be used.


Chain stores/stores/special counters are used to collect and transmit data such as store entry, sale, deposit, inventory, adjustment, withdrawal, subscription, and membership management.

Occupy road parking credit card:

When the vehicle enters the parking space, the license plate number and parking space of the vehicle are recorded on the POS machine, and the vehicle information will be automatically stored in the database. When the vehicle is ready to leave the parking spot, the POS machine will also automatically call the owner of the second list, which will display a series of information such as the name of the parking lot, license plate number, parking time, charging standard, and actual charging amount. The actual amount paid by the car owner is automatically calculated by the system based on the parking time of the vehicle to the second, and the generated payment amount is automatically calculated.

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